Boarding Glasses for Motion Sickness

Boarding Glasses built a pair of glasses filled with colored liquid to act as reference of ground, which can reduce the Motion Sickness.

There must be more patented techniques involved but 99 euro is a bit pricey. So I prototype this one to print and test it out.

Next steps:

  • find the right the viscosity of the liquid: the liquid should response to acceleration in certain way?
  • the right shape of the inner ring: circular, oval, or a better functioning shape?
  • design: is it necessary to have 4 pieces? Maybe this is designed to add on normal glasses?
  • FOV coverage: optimize the shape and size to set a standard for flexible design.

Here is my knock-off design to reverse engineering the Boarding Ring technique.

Published: Sat 21 July 2018. By Dongming Jin in

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