Decentralize social credit + identification system

This idea has been in my mind for a while. I'm worried about the potential consequence that may go north if carried out in the wrong hand. But similar things are happening already and life always find its way. We won't make progress without bearing risks. And I hold faith in collective humanity.

The project

Modularized Terms and Conditions that makes legal consents clear and easy, just like grant permission for mobile apps.

What's new

  1. Our attention is limited and precious
  2. NLP can break down page-long legal bindings
  3. Consent to one agreement at need is easy
  4. Universal consents can be done OAFA
  5. Valued attention will help iterate agreements
  6. WE build on social contracts and universal value

MVP approach

  1. crawl Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, User Agreements over the Internet
  2. clean and unify data format
  3. train NLP model on collected data plus legal documents ad-hoc
  4. topic model each sentence/paragraph for all the files
  5. term/topic weight based on similarity/quote or page-ranking methods
  6. generate first version of modularized terms and conditions

Use case example

  1. free dev API for website/software/service developers to quote and assemble their initial legal documents.
  2. free user API for consents management and authorization management.
  3. paid underwriting service for any potential cost in litigation.
  4. smart contract of user-consent-provider on blockchain to make it decentralized.
  5. decentralization will make terms and conditions more standardized.
  6. unique identification based on time-stamped consent history built upon blockchain.
  7. digitize paper-based legal system.
  8. regulate virtual behavior of any entity with the social impact of an universal identification system.
  9. legislation made easy with true votes backed by decentralized social credit system, from personal social credit, to community social credit, regional social credit and more.
  10. rebuild democracy with the spirit of social contract based on each citizen.

If you have the same interest, or would like to take it off with some sustainable business plan only for practical reason, I'm here to share my 2 cents. At the moment, I will be taking responsibility of my share holders on a career to enhance humanity with technical assistance.

Some Pitch words

The constitution of unites states is one of the most inspiring achievements in human civilization, especially at this decisive moment of history.

I’m bringing an approach towards decentralized democracy to help re-craft social contracts (pointed out by Jean Rousseau) that shape the modern society.

I want to launch a NGO project for decentralized democracy.

Start by building a system that provides standard/modular terms and conditions for suppliers/ dev teams to quote and manage users’ consents. So that user only need to read and consent new additional terms at need and dev teams can save effort on legal concern. Just like permission to photos is only required when you want to send a picture in the app.

On the other side, the unique time-stamped user consents in our system can become an identity that is hard to compromise. It will be extended into physical world for any agreement, marriage vow, or security check to transform ethical bonding into a measurable social contract. In which, will evolve and expand to be community rules, cultural traditions, national constitution and universal value.

I will demonstrate how to build this system with natural language processing plus blockchain techniques, with features like “learning” curve and Page ranking to let the community to balance and involve in the legislation of a decentralized social credit system, which I hope will be a Renaissance of the United States constitution.


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Published: Sun 28 October 2018. By Dongming Jin in

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