Disrupting Yourself for greater

This is what I learned from Video Link.


Disrupted innovation

  • Taking the right risks
    • Look at what others are not doing: open new doors instead of red seas
  • Distinctive strength
    • Do the job well then focus: principle
    • People appreciate but you dismiss: awareness, stay passionate
    • Self fulfilled: enthustic
  • Embracing constraints
    • Understand the constraints and head on to it: challenge the edges
    • Limit induces creation: change leads to breakthrough
  • Battling entitlement
    • Don't take for granted
    • Feel hungry
    • Be open to differences
    • Appreciate the under-appreciated
  • Step back to grow
    • Step out of comfort zone: be aware not to settle
  • Fail
    • Don't fear: learn and move on
  • Let your strategy emerge
    • Find your metrics: set scale and goal
    • Show up, practice: try and improve
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