Future Transportation and Billion-Population Cities

Here is my comment to the flying car design by Rolls Royce.

A pricey future. High cost of R&D, city reconstruction and potential failure damage.

You may consider about guided glider with modular on a rail. At least it won’t crash with power failure and when it crashes, no exploration or second damage imposed. Or just us AI to detach and glide to land. Still keeping the benefit of high volume traffic in air and city can then be built vertically with higher population density, which in turn is the use case of such transportation.

A good point to make a public checkpoint public for an idea I have thought of and researched on.

Like this.

And the station like this.

Hit me for more insights about,

  • fuel efficiency compared to train, car and airplane in different aspect
  • catch and release techniques
  • stations and modularities
  • future million-population buildings
  • aerodynamics and tunnel experiment, collaborated with a professor from Beihang University and maybe UT Arlington ARC lab.

I named it HATS: high-speed aerial transportation system.

Published: Sun 22 July 2018. By Dongming Jin in

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