Initiatives on Sociological Practice

This is my open letter to Stephen Wolfram, who is a living inspiration. But I'm glad to share with any like-minded person, who doesn't "live the moment", who longs for the future, who cares about humanity, and so on.

I’m always anxious, about people’s lack of first principle thinking, the reckless to the environmental and sociological consequences. 

Humanity and Human Intelligence are beautiful myth, that lifts homo species off the biological evolution track, into the fast track of sociological evolution. We advance so fast in science, technology and social organization in the scope of earth history, which drains the nature resources exponentially. From animal power, to chemical power, to nuclear power, the ability of energy utilization marks our level of civilization. The increase of productivity, also shifts the political landscape by socio-economy effects. 

In the new era of ICT and AGI, a new scope, computation consumption per person, may rise as a new indicator to better segment our development stage. Despite the excitement, in front we face global warming and the subsequent natural disaster, unintended simplification of ecosystem and subsequent fatal plague due to globalization, foreseeable energy crisis & waste cycling & astronomical events, not even to mention the growing inequality in wealth distribution & jobless & fear of jobless & evil AI...

Selfishly, I don’t want to live in such a future, nor for my future generations. Nuclear fusion, AGI can power the productivity and economic growth further more, but not if the humanity fall due to the sociological consequences. That’s what puzzles me over the years. I have decided to develop a few approaches in hope to solve that. I haven’t lived a comfortable moment yet, as a second born from a farmer family in China, but I won’t end with a decent job for comfort. 

I sincerely would like your advice, on how should I validate my approaches, find resources to develop and make efforts to solve, or inspire more to work on a solution. I’d love to discuss and share my approaches in detail, which may not be fit in one plain email for all the hypothesis, experiment design, business plan, R&D roadmap, technical dependencies, potential obstacles and sociological consequences I’ve pictured. 

You may find more about me at, and really look forward to meeting you in future.

Published: Mon 19 November 2018. By Dongming Jin in

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