The Manifesto

The Vision: Technically Empower People to Collaborate Better

Principle to Collaborate

  • Autonomy
    • Social Contracts
    • Code of Conduct/Principles
      • We are a family, community, crowd-owners of a social company
      • Be bold, radical solution!
      • Be modest, I know that I know nothing.
      • Be honest and embrace changes, open source and open management.
  • Open Source, no NCA, NDA
    • Open Meeting
    • Open Decision
    • Open Development
  • Open Management
    • Peer Review
    • Jury Decision
    • Liquid Democracy

One can make the shape, but it is all that can fill the gap.

Collaborative Society

The largest achievement and challenge for humans is how to collaborate better. It could be broken down into two tasks, 1. how to communicate better (effective & efficient); 2. how to organize better (optimized team & motivating).

When it comes down to product-market fit, there is a lot of engineering work to be done and an even greater challenge to recruit and manage a team to execute. Technologies are only byproducts and tools. It is how everyone is valued and matched to take ownership to develop that really strikes. That’s what put my two pieces of challenges together to help people collaborate better.

When we talk about social identity and job market, resumes and social media always come to our minds. But these are projections that don’t fully nor correctly reveal our personalities, knowledge bases, or abilities. How could that result in the most optimized team formation and function? It becomes natural to develop solutions like MindWave to help people communicate, and help understand communication while eventually understanding people as well. Of course, it depends a lot on the technologies like signal processing, ASR, NLP, knowledge graph, cloud services as well as adoptions for different domains and scenarios. But it is how people communicate their thoughts and how people organize to deliver the biggest assets of human civilization. With the service and tools to understand how people communicate, it becomes practical to effectively evaluate the contribution and distribute the ownership accordingly. Mild management or no management will ever be needed if collective decisions become an obligation as well as a reward corresponding to the dynamic credibility and ownership, which could be realized with a blockchain design of liquid democracy and decentralized social credit system.

As until now, I feel somewhat comfortable and satisfied to fully push forward with this vision to empower people to collaborate better. The first step of collaboration is always to communicate (openly) and embrace changes.

If this somehow resonates with you, please step up to learn about how to get invovled.


我现在认识到我真正要达成的是促进人类更好的协作。其中的挑战包括 - 促进有效的沟通, - 优化和激励管理。






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人类有天然的生理限制,包括 1. 有限的主意力(信息IO) 2. 有限的思维能力(信息processing)。先不提衰老,这些限制是以生物进化作为时标。而各领域技术创新,是与信息分享(联通率)和网络规模(人口)成正比,是社会发展作为时标。这两者的时标差异必然导致互联网信息爆炸,乃至技术焦虑。要避免这种焦虑,又得回到分配模式的变革以及用新技术接触对技能的依赖。AI的时代,我们需要的是一场文艺复新,回归人本主义。摆脱技能和分配对劳动力的束缚,进一步解放创新能力和协作规模去实现进一步的生产发展。

我正在力图解决这一挑战,通过技术实现 1. 有效全面的沟通 2. 优化和激励管理。

Published: Fri 29 March 2019. By Dongming Jin in

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