Thoughts on Autonumous driving and Humanity

When autonomous driving cars start to reach the critical mass, AV algorithms will start to turn from defensive into aggressive, slowly outpacing human drivers, and then rapidly racing over AV algorithms themselves.

Because defensive algorithms are conservative. One can develop a simple AV algorithm and it will be safe when other cars with advanced algorithms will avoid putting each other in danger. It is a matter of time for AVs to become more aggressive to maximize the benefits of road priority.

In a world with only edge computing, if there is no self-regulation, the road will become the new battlefield of a dystopian world, for AV companies.

Essentially, it is a debate about human governance or machine governance. The latter will never win unless we trust machines even when we don’t understand why they make the decision, which is only one lawsuit away.

We thought it will be machine-assisted human governance. But it won’t take long for machines to take over, as the nature of the free market is a Darwinian world evolving towards resource efficiency (entropy). It is more likely to be human-assisted machine governance until we are doomed.

If AV can walk away from court without human reasoning-able causes in any case. It is a matter of belief that we’ve given away our right to justification. Not necessary a bad ending, but we should be cautious.

Because computation never has any moral goals and the god of possibility has no preference. The only reason machine governance becomes human-friendly is by crafting the human principles and human values into it.

By doing that, we are basically digitalizing ourselves or manufacturing cyber humans. But because it is so hard for us to collaborate within ourselves now, I don't believe it will be easier at the time.

It takes more than one prophet to make the world awake, and it takes more to raise and make changes matter. Are you, willing to be Prometheus?

Fix ourselves is the only way to fix the world.

Published: Wed 25 September 2019. By Dongming Jin in

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