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I'm making a return to the site! chatGPT is just way too important to ignore for what I'm doing. See my recent post on chatGPT.


This tweet (about start early on building #AGI with an extreme large model and high quality data, until becoming the darling of the arms race over the time) was posted on 2018 Nov 28.

Looking back, it is quite naive and shallow, as one cannot beat "hitting the ascending spiral of product-market fit", like a "runaway explosion" in stellar dynamics.


At the time I graduated, the world in my eye was full of opportunities. I spent days and nights polishing the roadmap of life and decided to devote myself to empowering people to collaborate better. http://domij.info/

There are many paths toward the north star. I'm glad that I've never drifted too far from this journey.

I did my 101 learning on #entrepreneurship with #YC Startup School and founded a #startup called MindWave X as practice. I was clueless, when the immigration issue presses.

2019 - 2022

Fortunately, I met a great team (too many to endorse) and chose to join #Miles at the pre-seed stage. I threw all my passion into growing with the team. We set a foot in the real-time geo-locational advertising space. I called it as "challenging the consumerism & attention economy model epitomized by Google", by pursuing a "convenience" economy model, powered by high relevance on-demand advertising.

2022 - 2023

When family priority weights in on 2022, I am grateful to be reached out by Camille Parenteau, Erich Zancanella and Roma Badiani from #Thumbtack. I couldn't ask more support to paddle through this period (full gratitude to my manager Bethan Nichols, Richard Demsyn-Jones and Denys Kopiychenko), while experiencing the future of work, pioneering in remote collaboration, at a decentralized but autonomous late-stage company.

I'm thrilled to work with some of the most kind and talented people, on learning and regulating the local service market, to reach the full efficiency, by aligning the interest and empowering different parties, to make informed decisions.


This is just the start of the journey of #collaboration and #empowering. I cannot be more excited now!

where will I be heading to? (cross posting)

I'm still having the same roadmap as I refined in 2018. The only difference is that I will prioritize the 3rd one (education).

On a more tangible measure: I would like to achieve freedom (independence) of choices (financially, intellectually) by 2025.

My motto in Chinese has been updated since I married my wife. It is the Chinese saying of 但行好事 莫问前程.

I would hope that my practice on "use technology to empowering people to collaborate better" can enable many to live a free (choice independent) life sustainably.

It is commonly said that financial independence -> free life. I see it more often as free life -> financial independence. Self motivation and actuation is the most powerful thing I could see in every living person. Unleash such potential is the key propaganda of my attempt in education and entrepreneurship.

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